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Shabu Shabu is a fork of SushiSwap & YFII. This is a community project created by the innovative team from the Silicon Valley, California.


Project launch with fair distribution of Kobe Tokens. Farm Kobe by being a Liquidity Provider on Uniswap.

A Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs): DEXs is a type of exchange, which connects users directly so they can trade cryptocurrencies with one another without trusting an intermediary with their money. KobeSwap is a DEX that allows for seamless swapping or exchange of cryptocurrency, mainly ERC-20 token. The trades are made directly between user waliets through the help of smart contracts and at a low fee.


Shabu Shabu will be introducing our staking product in mid to late 2021 where investors can stake their KOBE Token in order to earn A5 tokens.

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